CRE Best Practices: Strategies to Keep Talented Employees in a Tight Job Market

Written by Dees Stribling, Bisnow National, June 6, 2019

Bisnow National chose Tobi Skilken Gold as one of eight CRE executives in various sectors of the profession, and in various parts of the country, to answer a single important question: What besides more money, are the best ways for a company to retain talent…..

Commercial real estate is a profession marked by job-hopping, and the current climate of low unemployment and high deal volume makes the trend even more pronounced. What, besides more money (always an important consideration), are the best ways for a company to retain talent in such a tight market? We asked eight CRE executives in various sectors of the profession — investors, developers, brokers — and in various parts of the country for their answers. This is the first of an occasional series on best practices in commercial real estate that will ask CRE pros to focus on a single aspect of their business and how to make it better.

Skilken Gold Real Estate Development President Tobi Skilken Gold
The first step in retaining talent is recruiting the right talent. Hiring smart is not just about matching skills and experience with job demands. For us, it’s also about aligning a candidate’s traits and values with those of our company culture. Are they smart yet humble? Are they independent self-starters but also team players? Are they committed and passionate?

We want our employees to feel a part of something bigger — not only understanding how to be successful in their roles, but how their individual successes impact the larger success of the business.

When employees feel significant, they become significant. When they’re given the room to grow — and a path they’re passionate about following — they not only accelerate company growth, they remain engaged and loyal.

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