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Recognized as an innovative leader in business and real estate development, Gold has led Skilken|Gold to national prominence. In addition to his 38 years as a premier developer, he is an adjunct professor for graduate courses in real estate finance and development at The Ohio State University and served as the director of the Center for Real Estate Education and Research.

With more than 35 years in real estate development, it’s hard to single out just one accomplishment. However, most recently, being selected as one of four national developers working as partners with Walmart on a build-to-suit program has been a fantastic experience. I knew the Skilken|Gold team was amazing. When I heard the head of Walmart’s build-to-suit program state that she never had to manage the Skilken|Gold team—I realized others recognize our difference as well.

Gold started her career in the real estate industry as a construction project manager. After signifcant successes outside the family corporate structure, she returned to Skilken|Gold in 2010 and has since demonstrated her ability to revitalize and guide an established corporation. Now, as President and COO, she is trailblazing; leading Skilken|Gold toward a new vision—one that is positioning the company to meet the economic challenges and marketplace changes of today and tomorrow—while maintaining the traditional values and solid national reputation of Skilken|Gold.

The 2016 renovation of the Town and Country (Dayton, OH) shopping center reinforces what Skilken|Gold does right—we are forward-looking and innovative, responding to the fast-paced changes in the real estate environment. We’ve owned that shopping center since 1948. Because of the Skilken|Gold vision and foresight, it remains a successful property—for our tenants, the community, and for Skilken|Gold as owners.

A key member of Skilken|Gold’s outstanding in-house client services team, Petruziello has been with Skilken|Gold for more than 30 years. With strong expertise in all aspects of the development process, Petruziello has the ability to determine each project’s exact requirements and guide the multiple elements necessary for client success—providing Skilken|Gold clients with a signifcant competitive edge. In addition to planning and design, Petruziello’s expertise includes entitlements, construction, public incentives and public/private partnerships.

The Shops and Lofts at 47 (Chicago) was an unbelievably complex project involving almost 10 years of constructing public-private partnerships and multifaceted entitlement work. It was worth it—we energized an underserved community in Chicago and the project has been recognized with five national awards.

Joining Skilken|Gold with over 20 years of financial services and management experience, Mason brings an entrepreneurial mindset to his role, combining fiscal responsibility with creative capital solutions. As CFO, Mason provides comprehensive oversight of Skilken|Gold’s financial, treasury and asset management activities. A member of the senior leadership team, Mason brings a proactive and process driven approach to the company’s development opportunities, strategic planning and growth initiatives.

Developing relationships with sophisticated capital partners is imperative to our success. Our proven track record, through multiple economic cycles, affords us the opportunity to work with some of the best financial partners in the industry. They value our communication, process, and certainty of execution.

With almost 30 years of experience in commercial and retail development and construction, Hempel has worked with an impressive roster of national and international retailers. Hempel works directly with clients to solidify all aspects of each project and then assembles the appropriate Skilken|Gold team necessary to exceed client expectations. His teams take a proactive approach when tackling challenging projects and have a demonstrated history of delivering successful projects

No matter how great the planning, every project holds some element of surprise. I know for sure the Skilken|Gold team can handle any curve ball out there. In fact, our ability to move quickly to implement cost-effective solutions is our trademark. How do we do it? We have a team in place that knows entitlements, understands how to access the power of technology and deep expertise in all aspects of real estate development and project management-enabling us to succeed with and for our clients next door and across the nation.

Isaac Gold established himself as Director of Real Estate for a national retailer prior to joining Skilken|Gold. Initially, he worked within the family company solely on land purchases and land leases; now, he’s involved in the entirety of the Skilken|Gold scope of services as he manages client relationships with many of Skilken|Gold’s nationally recognized clients—in both the development and brokerage arenas.

I’m thrilled to be working directly with Wawa—this company is all about the future with its expansion goals and commitment to quality as a convenience store. Although primarily known on the East Coast and Florida, I believe the Wawa entity is on the move and I am proud to partner with it.

For almost 20 years, Bartz has distinguished himself at Skilken|Gold through a variety of responsibilities with clients including site selection, development and leasing. Since 2012, in his role as Vice President of Leasing, he works to balance the needs of both landlord and tenants throughout the leasing process – from initial meeting through qualifcation, negotiation, and document execution. He understands the complexities and importance of the right tenant mix within the Skilken|Gold portfolio and works to enhance both tenants’ and landlord’s positions throughout the process.
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